DinoCats is a socially-aware nature-loving alternative-rock band from Vancouver, BC, Cascadia. We want to touch the world with uplifting music whilst shaking our groove thangs! "Silly yet profound"

Find us on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud and BandCamp.

Our debut EP album "Attitude of Gratitude" was released on March 30th, 2016! We're followed it up with a couple singles and have more tunes in development now.

Live performances have included Blessed Coast festival and Earthdance Vancouver.

About the DinoCats:
Dustin Quasar has a penchant for writing catchy songs about modern society.

Mira Malcolm's voice brings a depth of spirit, soul and youthful sparkle.

Yossi Rouch's sizzling electric guitar adds a psychedelic rock thunder.

Willisist adds an urban influence as guest rapper on Free Culture.

Diego Pacheco painted the visionary album art for our EP.

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